What's up re reflexology and Alexander Technique at Holibrium

Hayley says:

Fabulous introduction to the Alexander technique this morning. Eye-opening and thought provoking, thanks so much.

Facial reflexology - OFFER

In facial reflexology facial reflex points are manipulated. This therapy has a unique benefit: it does help improve your health and well-being and can also help you look younger and have a healthy glow.

Introductory Offer: April 30th - May 25th - A 50 to 55 minute session - £25 (not in conjunction with other offers)

Workshops in 2018

Movement Workshop: Think Smart - Smart move

  • When?: 9th June 2018 and 6th October 2018 .
  • Where? Belmont House, Gloucester Road (50 yards past the Toyota and Esso Garages), Patchway, BS34 5BQ. Map here.
  • Time: 10 am till noon.
  • Price: £10 in advance.
  • How to pay?: cash, cheque, bank transfer, mobile pay.

Limited availability: up to 8 participants.

Come along and discover what the Alexander Technique can do for you.

Terms and conditions:

5 week course - Think smart! Be an improver in everyday life/ Drop-ins

In July. Dates to be confirmed

Price: £67.5-£80 (depending on number of students)

How to pay?: cash, cheque, bank transfer, mobile pay.

Terms and conditions


Should you not wish to commit for an entire course you can drop in for a class.

It is necessary that you book in advance as places are limited.

Joining a class is a nice way to discover what this is all about.

Price: £18.

How to pay?: cash, cheque, bank transfer, mobile pay.

You want to join a course but the times or days are not convenient

If you would like to join a course but the times or days are not convenient, please call me or contact me by email to see what we can do.

Workshop in France / Atelier en France

Next workshop in France in August 2018.Prochain atelier en France en août 2018 à Pleyben, Finistère.
Prix: 55 euros. Le matin OU le soir:

  • 6 août 10-12h
  • 7 août 10-11h
  • 8 août 10h-11h
  • 9 août 10h-11h
  • 6 août 19h30-21h30
  • 7 août 19h30-20h30
  • 8 août 19h30-20h30
  • 9 août 19h30-20h30

Contactez-moi si vous souhaitez des informations concernant un atelier en France ou si vous souhaitez réserver votre place: sylvie@holibrium.com ou +44 75 75 86 23 86.

Holibrium Potluck

Here is YOUR chance to pamper your WELL-BEING and WELLNESS and win an Alexander Technique lesson or a reflexology session.

Next Holibrium Potluck: June 2018.

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