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I am based in Brentry, Bristol and offer wellbeing services:

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Are you as well as you can be?

Such a question could trigger a challenge, a judgment or even a ponder. There is no single answer and your today's answer might not be your tomorrow's.

Being well and being healthy are not that far off each other and our wellbeing includes physical, mental, emotional and even spiritual components that interact with and influence each other: feeling better physically will influence your mental, emotional and spiritual health; feeling better emotionally will influence your physical, mental and spiritual health, etc.

Is this you?

Are you looking to improve your physical, mental and emotional health?

Are you looking to ease your pain and discomfort?

As you age, would you like to take action so that discomfort does not impede your independence?

Would you like to take steps to prevent ill health and be responsible for your own wellbeing?

Are you giving yourself choices so that you keep ill health at bay as much as possible?

Are you gaining insight and understanding that you can use for yourself by yourself?

Do you have the impression of facing a wall that is almost impossible to climb?

Do you acknowledge that being stuck in such a situation does not have to be permanent?

Which step can you take FOR YOU to help yourself?

What would suit you best at this time in your life: THERAPY, EDUCATION, PAMPERING?

What we can all do

We can give ourselves choices and be actively engaged.

We can learn, whatever our age, to engage in looking after our health.

We can learn skills to reach a better state of health and to continue to be in good health.

We can choose how to go about it.

I offer wellbeing services such as reflexology sessions, Alexander Technique sessions, Zone Face Lift sessions and facial sessions. I offer those wellbeing services so that you can reach better health, sustain it and take steps towards preventing ill health. I will work with you through a learning process that can, in the long run, enable you to support your own wellbeing though you may require a few sessions before being able to notice that any healing has taken place.

Then let’s have a conversation

Holibrium's hand with triskels
Holibrium's hand with triskels

∞ Enjoy being in touch and working together: Starting the conversation is the first step towards opportunities and choices. When working together we establish a connection that allows you to be seen and heard.

Our conversation will take place in person or remotely and have many forms: we will have a verbal exchange, there will also be light, positive and non-intrusive touch (in person sessions). All this verbal and non-verbal conversation leaves you feeling refreshed in mind and body and promotes your healing.

∞ Enjoy flexibility and have choices: Book over the phone or online a session that is convenient for you; Design your own journey: do you want a give-it-a-go session? a weekly course of sessions? a monthly or yearly top-up?

If you have booked one type of session and would like to switch for another type at the time of your session, it is usually possible provided there is no time issue

We all have preferences, and this applies to the kind of reflexology methods you can choose from; kindly let me know

Holibrium's hand with triskel
Holibrium's hand with triskels

∞ Enjoy the process of being in a comfortable space: Looking after our health is a process that requires an input – our work together. For me, this process works best when we work together in a safe, non-judgemental and friendly space, where confidentiality is respected. In this way, we can have an open verbal and non-verbal conversation which will give you many opportunities.

∞ Enjoy the learning journey: During a session learning takes place on both sides of the conversation. You will go away with a piece of learning, whether it is discovering something about yourself, observing something about yourself, figuring out something about yourself, some self-help, etc.

You will gain a piece of knowledge in the process of change. It might not satisfy you…YET but it will be a part of your journey to improved health.

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