Reflexology, well-being around YOUR needs

Towards balancing your life...

Reflexology brings positive effects in people's life.

Experiencing reflexology is deeply relaxing and de-stressing. However, reflexology is more than a relaxation therapy as it encourages the restoration of the energy within the body to bring about a healing response to many a condition.

Reflexology helps to sustain a natural equilibrium to take place by applying pressure to certain points on the hands, on the feet or on the face that corresponds to organs, glands, muscles, tissues and cells in the body. This therapy helps to balance mind, body and spirit.

Reflexology is a holistic touch therapy that promotes equilibrium and well-being and nudges the body towards balance and helps the body reset its mechanisms into a state of health. As a reflexologist, my aim is to restore equilibrium in a holistic way.

...with the medhod that meets your needs...

Reflexology aims to help your entire body function at its optimal level. It is a therapy that comes in many forms and with a wide range of methods and approaches. At the beginning of your session we will discuss which approach is the most appropriate to your needs. I offer:

These methods can be used on their own or can be combined.

... to a better health.

Health is more than the absence of dis-ease or infirmity. It is the state of complete physical, mental and social well-being. A reflexology session assists you towards a better quality of health. During a session:

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