]# How to go to Holibrium. How to contact Sylvie Samuels

How to contact Sylvie Samuels, wellbeing services provider, at Holibrium

Who to contact?

Sylvie Samuels
who runs Holibrium in North Stoke Gifford, Bristol. She provides wellbeing services and will answer questions you might have about reflexology, the Alexander Technique, Zone Face Lift (Bergman Method), facials and makeup.

How to contact Sylvie Samuels?

By telephone

Call or text 075 75 86 23 86.

I might be unavailable when you call. Please leave a message or try again later.

By email

you can email using the following address: sylvie@holibrium.com

I answer emails. If you do not hear from me shortly I might not have received your mail. Please reach out again and send another email or call me.

By chat

How to go to Holibrium?

is located in the village of Stoke Gifford, not far from Parkway station:

42 Oxbarton
Stoke Gifford
South Gloucestershire

Follow North Road and then Knightwood road; Oxbarton is the road after Mead Road, the last road on your left, before reaching Winterbourne road.

Several buses stopping at the Coop or on Bailey's Court Road (use the underpath on Huckley Way) are within walking distance of Oxbarton.

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Where can you park?

There is parking availability on the drive, in the cul-de-sac or on Oxbarton.

Languages spoken

I am fluent in English and French.

This page was last modified on 01 June 2020