Reflexology Sessions

What is a reflexology treatment?

The therapist works alongside conventional medicine. A reflexologist does not diagnose, treat (in the medical sense of the term) or cure but helps restore imbalances. Reflexology is not a substitute for medical treatment or advice. You should seek medical advice if you have any concern about your health.

What are the benefits of a reflexology treatment?

Reflexology is almost always effective.

If you suffer from a medical condition it may help heal or alleviate the condition.

Even if you do not suffer from any medical condition, as it addresses the mind, the spirit and the body, reflexology may be very effective to maintain health and as a preventive health care.

Reflexology has been shown to be beneficial for:

What to expect during a session?

Reflexology is not a form of massage, though it is often confused as a foot massage.

For your first session, you will have to answer a detailed questionnaire. It is a preliminary talk to determine present and past health as well as lifestyle. All information given will remain confidential and treated according to the Data Protection Act. When the client is a child the child's parent or guardian must complete the questionnaire and sign it, giving their consent for the treatment.

The therapy will be given while you are reclining or standing/sitting weight-bearing (vertical reflex therapy).

The session will be tailored to your needs.

You will be asked to take your shoes and socks off; for facial reflexology I will also ask you to take off your ear rings and necklace if you have not done so in advance.

Your feet, your hands or your face will be examined followed by a treatment using gentle special thumb and finger pressure techniques on the soles of your feet, on the palms of your hands or on your face.

Your session is composed of a talk, the treatment and questions/feedback.

How long should a course of treatments be?

The body self-healing mechanisms almost always require more than one reflexology sessions before you can notice a definitive change in a condition.

After a few sessions your reflexologist will assess the situation and you can decide together what is the best course of action.

To obtain the best results treatments are best received a couple of times a week, weekly or fortnightly, depending on the severity of the symptoms.

Corporate Reflexology

Corporate Reflexology or reflexology for the workforce is more and more recognized as a preventive healthcare as it improves and maintains health. It benefits both the employer and the employee which is why companies are beginning to offer this service. Reflexology treatments can be given weekly, fortnightly, monthly or just as a one-off.

Treatments are charged at £ 15 for half an hour session.

Appointments can take place at work or outside of working hours.

Payments can:

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