Zone Face Lift: health with beauty

A method devised by Ziggie Bergman

Ziggie Bergman put together the Zone Face Lift and the 12-week Zone Face Lift programme.

Her work and research has been reviewed by the press and a collection of articles can be found on her You can also read reviews in the press on her website.

The Zone Face Lift technique promotes our natural way to look our best, how to age well while looking at the whole body holistically.

What makes up the Zone Face Lift

The Zone Face Lift combines:

  • traditional reflexology methods
  • traditional Japanese facial techniques
  • the use of ancient techniques from native Americans
  • the use of pressure-point massage, body-mapping and crystals

Only natural and organic products are used. Should you want to know more about the products I use, follow this link.

The Zone Face Lift is made up of different therapeutic layers

The Zone Face Lift combines health with beauty in one package. It is made up of several therapeutic layers. To get the best results, the Zone Face Lift programme is recommended. Treatments are taylored to your need every single week. The session is broken down into three parts:

  • a holistic facial (cleansing, hot towels, oil, 100% organic products from Tropic)
  • facial reflexology
  • zone face lift massage (use of specialist tools: quartz crystals, guasha and accupressure roller)


At the end of a Zone Face Lift, you glow from the inside out, lifting your mood and your skin.

Benefits of receiving the Zone Face Lift include among others:

  • clear sinuses
  • helps with acne breakout and with reducing clogged pores
  • activates elastin: the skin is plumper and tigher
  • a brighter and radiant complexion

A stand alone treatment or part of a programme

The Zone Face Lift puts the emphasis on releasing blocked energy which leads to better health or vitality. Treatments can be received as stand alone treatments or be part of a 12-week programme.

In the latter, treatments are customized every single week, which maximise the benefits. Clients are given advice and help to maintain the results achived during the sessions.

Prices for the Zone Face Lift

Stand alone treatment: £65

12-week programme: £700 (payment can be made once or be staggered)

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This page was last modified on 20 September 2020