Alexander Technique

Rob says:

I've very much enjoyed being a student of Sylvie for the last two months, and am genuinely shocked at the profound effect studying the Alexander Technique has had for me.

Posture or... thinking?

Contrary to what is often thought, the Alexander Technique is not a therapy, neither does it deal with posture or position:

The question is not one of correct position, but of correct co-ordination*

Thinking is central to the Alexander Technique and plays an important part in its teaching. The Alexander Technique re-trains students' thinking in such a way that this new way of thinking allows the body to move in a more natural way.

As vertebrates, we are made to move and we are in fact designed to do so. You might be doing yoga, running; you might be playing an instrument, etc. This is what you do. Although what you do is important, Alexander claims that how you do your yoga, how you run, how you play your instrument is of greater importance. He claims that your head/neck relationship with your body in movement will improve upon everything you do and that you will have better co-ordination.

The Alexander technique helps improve co-ordination

A better co-ordination:

  • helps you move better,
  • helps overcoming limitations you are creating for yourself,
  • helps you bringing balance into your life,
  • very often eases pain (muscle/ joint/ back/ neck/ shoulder.... pains),
  • improves performance: playing an instrument, acting, sports, ect.,
  • brings more speed in your movements,
  • helps with self-improvement.

Is the Alexander Technique for you?

Taking up the Alexander Technique helps you move forward one step at a time whether you want:

  • to move differently so that you
    • sit more comfortably
    • move more easily
    • improve your sports, dance, theatre activities.
  • to improve performance
    • in your sports endeavours (run faster, improve some technique, not feel the strain while making some moves, etc.),
    • in playing an instrument,
    • in your personal development.
  • to feel less tired
    • to lead the life you would like to,
    • to indulge in your hobbies and passions.

By learning a new way of thinking, you will use less muscular effort in everything you do and hence will move more easily, efficiently and effectively.

So don't give up, the Alexander Technique can help you move forward and learn a process which is a simple and efficent solution to many problems and limitations we encounter, and very often create, in our lives.


* Man's Supreme Inheritance , Mouritz.

Not sure? Come to a workshop

Hayley says:

Fabulous introduction to the Alexander technique this morning. Eye-opening and thought provoking, thanks so much.

Workshops in 2019

Movement Workshop: Think Smart - Smart move

Come along and discover what the Alexander Technique can do for you.

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  • Applicable refunds: cancellation over three weeks before the workshop: -50% of fees refunded; cancellation three weeks or less prior to the workshop: No fees refunded.

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