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There is something about having our face touched and pampered that is very relaxing.

We know about the importance of touch from birth and that touch triggers the release of feel good hormones.

When touch is coupled with a therapeutic focus, outcomes can be astonishing and even staggering. Clients have reported feeling better physically, emotionally. They have reported less pain.

This 'feeling better' - on several levels - usually goes together with positive results in the appearance of the skin that has be 'given a workout': the skin glows, there is less strain in the face, there is less tension round the mouth and round the eyes, etc. to the point of appearing differently to others.

Zone Face Lift: health with beauty

Who put together the Zone Face Lift?

Ziggie Bergman put together the Zone Face Lift and the 12-week Zone Face Lift programme.

Her work and research has been reviewed by the press and a collection of articles can be found on her. You can also read reviews in the press on her website.

The Zone Face Lift technique promotes our natural way to look our best, how to age well while looking at the whole body holistically.

What makes up a Zone Face Lift session?

The Zone Face Lift combines:

  • traditional reflexology methods
  • traditional Japanese facial techniques
  • the use of ancient techniques from native Americans
  • the use of pressure-point massage, body-mapping and crystals

Only natural and organic products are used. Should you want to know more about the products I use, follow this link.

The Zone Face Lift is made up of different therapeutic layers

The Zone Face Lift combines health with beauty in one package. It is made up of several therapeutic layers. To get the best results, the Zone Face Lift programme is recommended. Treatments are taylored to your need every single week. The session is broken down into three parts:

  • a holistic facial (cleansing, hot towels, oil, 100% organic products from Tropic)
  • facial reflexology
  • zone face lift massage (use of specialist tools: quartz crystals, guasha and accupressure roller)

What are the benefits of a Zone Face Lift?

At the end of a Zone Face Lift, you glow from the inside out, lifting your mood and your skin.

Benefits of receiving the Zone Face Lift include among others:

  • clear sinuses
  • helps with acne breakout and with reducing clogged pores
  • activates elastin: the skin is plumper and tigher
  • a brighter and radiant complexion

A stand alone treatment or part of a programme

The Zone Face Lift puts the emphasis on releasing blocked energy which leads to better health or vitality. Treatments can be received as stand alone treatments or be part of a 12-week programme.

In the latter, treatments are customized every single week, which maximises the benefits. Clients are given advice and help to maintain the results achived during the sessions.

How much costs a Zone Face Lift session?

Stand alone treatment: £65

12-week programme: £700 (payment can be made once or be staggered)

Facials to give your skin a radiant glow

What does a facial do?

A facial includes different steps that all take care of your skin in different ways.

I use Tropic organic products as well as tools during the facials.

What we put on our face is as important as what we feed into our body. That's why I have chosen to use Tropic Skincare Products: they are 100% natural, vegan, cruelty-free, freshly made multi-award-winning products (To know more about the Tropic products, contact me or follow this link).

What are the different steps of your facials?

When you come for a facial, here is how it will unfold:

- We start with a consulation about your skin and we establish whether you have any allergy (nut allergy, sensitivities to essential oils for example).

- Your choice of facial, facial 1 (Cleansing, exoliating, facial masks, toning, eye care serum or moisturizer) or facial 2 (Cleansing, exoliating, facial masks, toning, eye care serum or moisturizer; facial 2 also includes a Japanese style massage to further stimulate the cells in your skin).

- End of session talk.

What are the products used for the facials I offer?

Facial 1 and Facial 2 provide you with a cocktail of scents through each step. Each product helps take care of your skin in a natural way.


I use 'Smoothing Cleanser', a luxurious balanced gentle cream cleanser. This product is free rom SLS (Sodium Lauryl Sulfates) and does not contain harsh soap. The cleanser is good for sensitive skin and anyone with acne, blemishes or irritated skin.

You will enjoy the uplifting scent of eucalyptus; it also contains rosemary, lemongrass and chamomile oils.

Should you have a nut allergy, I will use 'Elixir', a deeply nourishing oil, with the a marzipan scent.


Exfoliation is the process of removing dead skin cells from the outer layer of the skin.

It is a way to rejuvenate your skin as it keeps your skin looking fresh. Exfoliating also helps decrease pore size, speeds up skin renewal process, which allows newer skin cells to replace the old ones. All in all exfoliating gives us a brighter and more radiant skin. We look better and feel better in ourselves which is very good and important to our well-being.

I use 'Face Smooth', which contains bamboo silica beads and ground rice, for a deep gentle exfoliation and to remove rough areas of dry skin. You will smell essential oils of sweet orange, lemon and lime.

Facial masks

I use two masks.

'Clear Skin Mask', a thick, smooth green clay mask for oily, blemish prone skin. I apply it on oily areas such as the T-zone (where we break up or there is extra sebum production). This mask has a healthy green-smell and contains rosemary and lime essential oils.

'Face Lift Mask', a clay based mask, to brighten and firm the skin. Your will enjoy the scents of frangipani and elderflower extracts.


I use 'Vitamin Toner', a refreshing product with vitamin C that helps balancing your skin tone.

Toning is an essential step to close the pores.

This product, with micro-dispersed oil, contains scents of rose water and cucumber.

Eye care

I use the rejuvenating eye serum 'Eye Work' to brighten the skin, hydrates and nourish as well as to reduce puffiness around the eyes.

This serum smells of cucumber juice.

Application of serum and/or moisturizer

Depending on the time of year, your type of skin and your taste, I will use either a serum or a moisturizer.

'Super Greens' is a lightweight oil and boosts the skin's natural defences; it protects against pollution and environmental factors. This serum has a natural healthy smell of tamanu and leafy greens (kale) and also contains aromas from essential oils of blue tansy.

'Skin Feast' is a silky-smooth super hydrating and nourishing cream. It has a subtle scent of lavender, rose geranium and swee orange. Should you have a nut allergy, I will use 'Pure Lagoon', a lightweight serum with a refreshing scent of watermelon extract.

Getting to know the products beforehand

Should you want to discover the products before hand, ask for more information, etc. do not hesitate to contact me or to book a free Tropic presentation.

What are the tools I use on your face?

I use:

  • hot towels
  • crystals
  • an acupressure roller
  • a guasha tool

What are the benefits of having a facial?

Receiving a facial is a wonderful way to enjoy 'me-time'. It:

  • helps you relax
  • helps you de-stress
  • reduces anxiety
  • lifts your mood and therefore reduces negative moods
  • brings oxygen to your skin
  • increases collagen production
  • gives your skin a healthy glow
  • makes you feel good

Tropic products: fresh, natural and effective

Products that feed your skin

Tropic skincare products feed and nourish your skin with ingredients that are natural and effective.

All the products are freshly made in the UK. They are free from parabens, gluten, formaldehydes, lanolin, beeswax, honey, microbeads, SLS (Sodium Laureth Sulfate).

They are also suitable for vegans.

In which treatments are they used at Holibrium?

I use Tropic products for:

The benefits of using natural skincare products

Using natural Tropic skincare products

  • feeds and nourish your skin with natural ingredients
  • avoids the negative effects of chemicals that can disrupt the endocrine system and provoke irritation, dermatitis, headaches, etc.
  • avoids artificial fragrances
  • promotes your natural beauty and wellbeing
  • makes you feel good
  • can help manage health conditions and symptoms to feel better physically and psychologically
  • helps you take care of yourself and carve out daily 'me-time'

How to get to know Tropic skincare products?

I am a Tropic Ambassador. You can discover Tropic skincare products by booking a one-to-one presentation or by taking part in a Tropic Pamper, where a larger number of people come together to find out about the products.

This is a nice way:

  • to discover and try the products and makeup
  • to find out if they are for you
  • to find out if they are not for you
  • to find out if they are for you but not just now
  • to spend a nice time

Where to buy the Tropic Skincare Products?

Products can be bought through your Tropic Ambassador Sylvie Samuels either during a presentation or a pamper. They can also be ordered via email or over the phone.

You can also order directly online.

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