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Making smart choices - 5 / 5 stars 11/05/2017)

Having seen the effective results of Sylvie's reflexology I was very interested to understand more about the Alexander technique. Even being an osteopath I realised I had little knowledge of what the Alexander technique actually offered and was very pleased to discover that it wasn't at all about learning to stand as stiff as a board in the name of 'posture'. In fact quite the opposite, it teaches about movement and making smart choices for your body so that you reduce the physical work load that is required in a huge variety - if not all - aspects of daily living. As an osteopath I see immense benefit in this technique and would highly recommend this approach of prevention being better than cure! Sylvie approaches the Alexander technique in a similar fashion to her reflexology - friendly, knowledgable and professional.

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A Sense of Well-being - 4.5 / 5 stars 10/2017)

Sylvie is a very friendly and professional therapist. I am lucky to have benefited from both reflexology and Alexander technique and left both with a sense of well-being. The sessions are tailored to your needs and Sylvie goes at your own pace. Highly recommended!

Magic Hands! - 4 / 5 stars 10/2017)

Although I didn't have any particular problem that needed fixing, as a voice coach and dancer I had been curious about the Alexander Technique for years and was pleased to find a teacher in the area. Sophie has magic hands, and her tiny tweaks leave you moving in a much smoother, easier way.

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Changing my thinking - 5 / 5 stars 19/09/2016)

Before my first lesson in the Alexander Technique I anticipated 'hands on' treatment and completing the session with 'lots to remember' about improving my posture. I was so wrong! The Alexander Technique is about changing our thinking so that we are able to give up on old ways of moving and allow new and better ways of 'carrying ourselves' to prevail. Once I was able to embrace this concept I started to relax an enjoy the gentleness of the process of the mind and body working together. After just two or three lessons I can feel a positive change in my movements and am looking forward to continuing the work. I can't thank Sylvie enough for introducing me to the Alexander Technique.

Age has no influence upon improvement - 5 / 5 stars 14/09/2016)

Whilst having reflexology sessions with Sylvie, I was interested to hear about the Alexander Technique , which Sylvie was taking her exams for. I then started on a course to help with shoulder movements. It made me aware of my poise and balance using the minimum effort. We talked about the relationship of the head with the body, which made me think during my gym exercises: did I need to use my neck and shoulders to flex my arm at the elbow??
It is an ongoing learning curve to me and, hopefully, through Sylvie's guidance, I will use a more natural way to move and breathe. I have also found out that age has no influence over improvement!!!

More positive - 5 / 5 stars 10/07/2012)

I was first introduced to Reflexology and Sylvie on a 'trial' treatment day at a local ladies gym. I immediately felt at ease with Sylvie and decided to book further treatment sessions with her. My initial problems was feeling low due to the onset of tinnitus after a severe bout of vertigo following a throat infection. My G.P. had told me to learn to live with it. Sylvie was very sympathetic yet professional in her approach. During the course of treatments, imbalances with my throat and neck were highlighted. She is now addressing these areas. She never rushes and I leave my treatment sessions feeling very relaxed and much more positive. I have every confidence in her.

Improved Quality of life - 2012)

I had been suffering from a back injury for the last 3 years and, having seen countless physiotherapists, chiropractors and osteopaths, I was facing the prospect of painful surgery with no guarantee of success. I decided to consult Sylvie as a last resort and it is the best thing I have ever done. She is extremely professional and straightaway put me at ease. From the very first appointment the pain eased to the extent that after 4 appointments I am free from pain - even after gardening! Moreover I feel 100% better in myself, my depression has lifted and I am eating better and sleeping better - so much so that I have been able to throw away the sleeping tablets that I had come to depend on. Thank you so much, Sylvie. You have improved the quality of my life!

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