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Price List and Gift Vouchers

Find below the prices for your sessions at Holibrium's in Brentry, Bristol.

I accept payments in pounds and in euros. Online payments are possible. I will send you a link for you to pay securely.

You will also find information about gift vouchers and our terms and conditions.

Prices for Alexander Technique lessons

1 student

40 min
£34 ∕ €41
5 x 40 min weekly (5% off)
£160 ∕ €192

2-3 students - each student

50-60 min
£22 ∕ €26.5
5 x 50-60 min weekly (5% off)
£105 ∕ €126

4-6 students - each student

60-75 min
£19 ∕ €23
5 x 60-75 min weekly (5% off)
£90 ∕ €108

Prices for reflexology sessions

Foot reflexology

30 min
5 x 30 min sessions (5% off)
60 min
5 x 60 min sessions (5% off)

Face reflexology

50 min session
5 x 50 min sessions (5% off)

Hand reflexology

50 min session
5 x 50 min sessions (5% off)

Foot, face and hand reflexology combinations

Foot and face reflexology

60 min session

Foot and hand reflexology

60 min session

Face and hand reflexology

60 min session

Integrative reflexology

90 min session

Prices for telewellbeing sessions

Telewellbeing one-to-one

50 min session
£32 ∕ €38.5

Telewellbeing - group of 3

60 min session - each
£17 ∕ €20.5

Prices for facials

Facial 1

35 min session

Facial 2

55 min session

Prices for Zone Face Lift (Bergman Method)

1 Zone Face Lift

75 min session


12 x 75 min session (8% off)

Prices for Tropic presentations

It is free to attend a Tropic presentation. Please book a one-to-one or a group presentation.

To find out the price of a Tropic product you are interested in, please contact me or consult the catalogue here.

To order, contact me, or order online here.

Gift vouchers

Gift vouchers:

are valid 6 months from the date of purchase,

can be bought for any sessions and for Tropic products,

and make wonderful wellbeing gifts.

You can receive your gift voucher by email or you can have it sent to you.

Introductory Alexander Technique courses

I run introductory courses over 6 weeks. Those courses run with a minimum of 4 students and are payable in advance.

To check if any course is running or is going to run, please contact me.

Call to find out more, book your place or register your interest to be informed of coming up courses.

What are people saying?

Classes are liberating, enjoyable with a sense of freedom.

I learnt a huge amount and know that I have improved in my movement.

Alexander Technique Workshops and Continual Professional Development

I am available for workshops and continual professional development classes. Please get in touch to discuss what you would like and where you would like the event to take place.

Workshop are a great way to discover what the Alexander Technique is all about and a great way to explore F.M. Alexander's ideas. Come along and discover what the Alexander Technique can do for you: move better and more easily, be more flexible, sit more comfortably, project your voice more easily, etc.

What are people saying?

we learned such a lot AND it was fun too!

I did struggle for the first part of the workshop. Then when I could actually see and feel the practical difference, suddenly in made sense, and I wanted to know more.


I liked the interaction of the group because everyone took part.

I liked seeing results in all who had a lesson because it seems to work for everybody.

I liked watching others have lessons because it was interesting to see people's reactions.

To check if any workshop is coming up, please check the Alexander Technique page.

If you are interested in taking part in a workshop and should the date proposed not be suitable for you, do not hesitate to contact me to register your interest.

Terms and conditions

General terms and conditions

Please give a minimum of 48-hour notice from your appointment time.

If less than 48-hour notice is given but more than 24 hours, a 50% cancellation fee will be charged.

If less than 24-hour notice is given, the full fee will be charged.

Should you not attend an appointment without cancelling, you will be asked to make payment for the set appointment.

If you need to cancel due to illness or emergency, please notify me as soon as possible.

Should you be late for your appointment, this may result in a shorter session.

Terms and conditions for the Alexander Technique

Your first Alexander lesson includes an introduction. Please allow extra time.

Courses of lessons are payable in advance and take place weekly.

Courses of lessons cannot be refunded.

Terms and conditions for Reflexology

The 5 sessions must be taken within 5 calendar months of the first session.

Allow extra time for your first session.

Reflexology sessions can be refunded

Some private health cash plan recognise CNHC registration. Please check with your health plan provider and let me know the information you need for your claim.

You can find full details about Private health cash plan providers and the CNHC on the CNHC website.

Sovereign Health Care also covers reflexology treatments on its cash plan. They also list five key benefits that reflexology can potentially offer.

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