Prices - Alexander Technique Lessons, Reflexology Sessions, Zone Face Lift

Prices for Alexander Technique lessons

Easy steps to book a lesson

Booking a lesson is easy:

Charges vary according to the type of lesson you would like to have and are as follows:

One-to-one lessons
Shared lessons
Group lessons
Introductory courses

I run introductory courses over 6 weeks. Those courses run with a minimum of 4 students and are payable in advance.

To check if any course is running or is going to run, please click here.

Call to find out more, book your place or register your interest to be informed of coming up courses.

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Workshops and Continual Professional Development

I am available for workshops and continual professional development classes. Please get in touch to discuss what you would like and where you would like the event to take place.

Workshop are a great way to discover what the Alexander Technique is all about and a great way to explore F.M. Alexander's ideas. Come along and discover what the Alexander Technique can do for you: move better and more easily, be more flexible, sit more comfortably, project your voice more easily, etc.

What are people saying?

To check if any workshop is coming up, please check the What's up page.

If you are interested in taking part in a workshop and should the date proposed not be suitable for you, do not hesitate to contact me to register your interest.

Prices for reflexology sessions

Prices for individual reflexology sessions

Charges are as follows:

Prices for a course of reflexology sessions

Charges are as follows:

*The 4 sessions must be taken within 5 calendar months of the first treatment.

Reflexology sessions can be refunded

Some private health cash plan recognise CNHC registration. Please check with your health plan provider and let me know the information you need for your claim.

You can find full details about Private health cash plan provivers and the CNHC on the CNHC website.

Sovereign Health Care also covers reflexology treatments on its cash plan. They also list five key benefits that reflexology can potentially offer.

Prices for facials

35 min facial: £25

55 min facial: £40

Prices for Zone Face Lift treatments

Stand alone treatment: £65

12-week programme: £700 (payment can be made once or be staggered)

Gift vouchers

Gift vouchers:

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