Bringing Balance to Your Life

Reflexology, wellbeing around YOUR needs

Reflexology is a non-invasive complementary therapy that applies specific pressure techniques on the soles of the feet, the palms of the hands or the face. It is much more than a foot, a hand or a face massage. This therapy promotes the body's healing abilities, helps the body work to its maximum level and brings balance to your life.


Deep sense of relaxation

Alleviates stress

Balances the mind and the body

Improves circulation

and more

"Sylvie's reflexology is second to none. I've been seeing her for a few months now and the work she is doing is really helping me." (Hayley)

Reflexology: what are the benefits of reflexology, kinds of reflexology, methods of reflexology

What may reflexology help you with?

If you suffer from a medical condition, reflexology may help heal or alleviate the condition.

Even if you do not suffer from any medical condition, as it addresses the mind, the spirit and the body, reflexology may be very effective to maintain health and as a preventive health care.

What are the different kinds of reflexology?

There exist different kinds of reflexology: foot, face, hand and ear reflexology.

What are the different reflexology methods?

Reflexology aims to help your entire body function at its optimal level. It is a therapy that comes in many forms and with a wide range of methods and approaches: reclining reflexology, vertical reflex therapy (VRT®), reflexology lymph drainage (RLD), Advanced reflexology techniques (ART®), Touchpoint reflexology techniques, Integrative Reflexology®, etc.

Why choose reflexology?

Time for YOU

A reflexology session brings you time for yourself. It can be your 'me time', your time to reflect, your time to relax, your time to sort things out.

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